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Marriage Licenses

A Virginia Marriage License, dated within 60 days, is required prior to the Marriage Ceremony taking place. The couple applies for their license at any Virginia Clerk of Circuit Court office. The Marriage License is received at time of application. All documents from the Clerk's office must be brought to the Wedding Officiant on the day of ceremony. The Marriage License is filed by the Minister/Officiant. State-sealed copies of the Marriage Certificate (for name and status change) should be available 3-4 business days after the Ceremony.


All Wedding Party and guests should arrive dressed for the Ceremony. Arrangements can be made for the Bride to finalize dressing at the Inn.

Fees & Payment

All fees due are payable at time of Reservation. A Confirmation of the Wedding Reservation is emailed with details and policies noted for the couple and their guests. Wedding Ceremony fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Payments can be made with Visa/MasterCard/Discover and Cash.


The Magnolia House Inn owners & staff love children, but we ask that children attending weddings be well-supervised. Children are included in the seated guest count.

Additional Information

- The Magnolia House is a Non-Smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in the Inn or on the porch. There is a smoking bench and receptacle on the lawn for guest use. It is the hosts' responsibility to relay this information to their guests.